Covrprice refresh not keeping new value

I’m noticing that in some titles (noticed in Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1) I’m getting the ! flag.
When I refresh, it updates but when I close the window, it doesn’t hold.
For several NM books, it will say VF n value.

In which screen do you see this?

That is normal behaviour. If CovrPrice does not have a value for the Grade you specified, you get their value for the Most Common Grade (MCC).

In this case, covrprice does have a value for my grade.
It also gives the indicator to refresh, which I do and it gets the value, but as soon as I close the edit window and then reopen it; it prompts me to refresh again.

I get that it will give an MCC if my grade has no value, but it should hold the value after a refresh and get a value, not update the value and not save it.