Creating Collections in Book Connect and Book Collector

I use multiple collections which are reflected in Book collector and Book Connect. I do 99% of my updates in Book Collector and prefer using it over Book Connect. However, I occasionally use Book Connect and would like both to reflect the current collections I have and they have done that until now. Today, however, I created a new collection in Book Collector but it does not show up in Book Connect. Is this not possible anymore or am I doing something wrong?

I should also mention that I have CLZ Books and that it doesn’t update there either/

Collections will only sync to your Connect/CLZ Books app if a book is actually inside.

Can you add a book to that new collection in Book Collector, then sync, and then see if it shows up for you?

Thanks! That worked. One other question: I had two collections that I moved to a new collection and later deleted the two empty collections in BookCollector. After syncing, the collections were empty in BookConnect but they did not delete. I had to go in and manually delete them. Is there any other way to do that?

Good to hear that worked!

As for a different way to delete empty collections: Currently no. You can only remove empty collections on the device you’re looking at them right now. That has been requested before (to sync removals of empty collections) and we have it on our ideas list.