Creating own Details ViewTemplates

Hi, long time user here (I was using it back when there was a standard and a pro version!)

I seem to recall that in the past, it was possible to create our own Details View Templates, but I can’t find how to do that now.

Is it possible? Is there a link to the old tutorial on how to do this?

There are a couple of templates that I like, but would like to include the picture of the rear cover… and perhaps re-organise some other fields on the display!

If it’s not possible, no worries, but I know that we could in the past, and was wondering if we still can!

Thanks for continuing to provide such a great program (I also use the music, movies and comics desktop programmes, and the CLZ apps!)


ps when I look at my Templates folder for Book Collector, I do not see any templates for the different Views (those I see on my menu in the programme), just print_item_customlist.css and print_item_customlist.xsl

That is still possible, in the same way.
Basically, you make a copy of all files for an existing template and edit them.

That sounds like you are not looking at the actual Templates folder that the program use. In your program, use Tools / Options / Folders, then check what your Templates folder is.