Creating second collection issues


I created a second collection on my PC, but when I go to the mobile app it does not show there. Is there a step outside of syncing that I need to do?


Hi @Robiton I’ve checked your Cloud database, and I only see 1 collection in there.

Did you actually create a second collection on PC inside your single database?

What does it look like on your PC? Can you show me with a full size screenshot?

Since it was not working, I removed it after also trying to create it on the phone. Then after not seeing an answer, oped a post here. I will recreate it.

Okay, created one called “Dups or Sale”

I see it on your CLZ Cloud now indeed.

To see it on mobile you have to put in some comics in there as well.

Do that, then sync it, and you will see it on mobile too.

Can you give that a go?

That did it. Thank you

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Sadly, new question. Working to move duplicates and things I want to sell to another collection. So I did an export, and have the data updated, but when I go to import, it does not allow me to specify which collection to import to. Did not see anything in the help about this. Thoughts?

Why do this through export and import?
That is a risky way to do it and could easily cause data loss.

You can freely move one or multiple comics between collections in your database file.

  1. Select the comic(s) you wish to move by clicking checkboxes on the left of each comic entry in the list.
  2. In the blue selection bar at the top, click on the “more icon” (3 vertical dots) and select Move to other collection.
  3. Select the collection you wish to move it/them in.

It just imports to the currently active collection.

I can see how to move all of an item, not seeing how to move just some, ie in this example my goal is to move 6 of the 7 to the other collection.

The import, I am not sure on that it will import to the active collection, as the active one has 1 comic in it. But import it shows this.

It was due to this that I made a post as was not sure the correct way absent exporting it all, splitting, then reimporting (which again does not seem to give an option).


Just checkbox those 6 or 7, then move those.

Yeah, that message is a bit confusing, I admit. Will get that fixed.
But please forget about the export/import, that is not the way to go.

Okay, will forget the import option.

In my example of moving, in that image it is one item, with qty of 7. I want to move a qty of 6, leaving the 1 I am keeping. Would it make sense to duplicate that line, change 1 to qty 1 and the other to qty 6, then move the line item with 6? (Did not see an option to split qty on the move)

Yes that would be the only way.

TIP: There are two ways to indicate if you have multiple copies of the same comic:

  1. Add the comic to your database once, then use the Quantity field to indicate how many you have.

  2. Add each copy as a separate entry in your database. The advantage of this is that you can set different properties for each copy, like Grade, Value, Purchase Date/Price/Store, Storage Box, etc…

Thank you, glad I asked before I messed up all this weeks work.