Is it possible to change the currency on the book values? Is it possible to print out a list of books above a certain value? Or would it be better just to tag them?

In the Setting screen, there is a Currency setting:

If you select them in the list, with the checkboxes, yes you can print that list.
Have you found how to sort by Value?

Found the settings for currency. Thank you. Not found sort by value - but not urgent. Dewey sorting and printing is still my top priority. Have downloaded the app on my iPhone to scan isbn codes, but don’t know how to load on to the main list on the computer.

Just add the Value field as a column to your List View, then click its column header to sort on it, click again to reverse the sorting.

Which app did you download? CLZ Scanner or CLZ Books?

CLZ scanner, and found it with your help! Didn’t know there was a queue. Only thing left to sort really is how to make the list prioritise Dewey. I’ve added the value field to the list view - but it’s not changing the view. It flashes for a micro-second and then disappears.

If you are using CLZ Scanner, the books you scan will automatically appear in the Add Books screen, on the ISBN tab.

I checked your account and I do not see the Value in the List View. I have added it for you now.

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean by that? Can you explain?

That is a lot of sort fields. Not sure if the Genre and Subject are doing anything that way.

Can you explain what you want to do exactly?

I don’t need all those on the left, how do I delete them? I just need Author, title, dewey, publisher, publication date, language, possibly value.

Are you sure this is about sorting?
Sound like you are confusing sorting with columns?

Oh yes! Thank you! I will be showing to my husband this week to check it meets his needs (half of the books are his, and in many languages and subjects) - but it’s looking good.

And I assume my husband can just use my sign in to add books? We can use two computers and two phones?

Yes, that should be no problem. Especially while adding, that should be fine.
If you are going to EDIT entries, make sure to not be editing the same entries at the same time. Other than that, no problem.

Shouldn’t be a problem, our collections are quite separate.