Custom images, syncing between mobile app and collector

When unsetting the custom images flag in the mobile app for cover images and syncing, the changes are not synced to collector. Collector dies show changes and asks for syncing, but after that the custom flag is still set in collector. Is this behaviour intentional or a bug?

If you uncheck Custom Image on mobile, that should indeed sync to the desktop software.
I am not aware of a bug here, but then again, unchecking Custom Image is not a common action, so it could be that no-one noticed this bug yet.

Wait, when you uncheck the Custom Image, are you also removing the cover image?
You need to remove the custom image, and then Update from Core to get the Core image again. Then sync.

So, I did the following:

Initially, I added custom covers in collector, synced. Then I synced the mobile app. Custom covers everywhere.

After a while I realised, that the core covers were updated, so I removed the custom flag in the mobile app. For some 400 profiles. I didn’t update the cover pictures yet, only the flag. I synced. Collector then synced 400 profiles, but I didn’t find one yet, that showed a removed custom flag.

I did not yet update any covers though, just this flag was changed. Now it’s different in the mobile app and collector after syncing.

Can you try removing the actual image, then Update from Core, then sync?
Just try that on one movie, to see if that works.

I just removed the covers in one such profile in the mobile app, updated and synced. Then synced in collector, still the old covers and set to custom images.

In your CLZ Cloud for that movie, do you now see the Core cover?

It seems, that there’s still the custom image in cloud.

I also got a situation, where there were the core covers in cloud and collector after sync, so new covers plus custom flags in collector. But I cannot reproduce that. Will try again.