Database Comparison Request

I have been an avid user of Comic Collector for many, many years and love it.

One issue that I have had is that many (or most) of the comics that I get are never in the Core database. I have only just recently found out that there is an option to place a request here to have issues added.

It has been a LONG time since I have bought comics from the Big Two and get most of my stuff from independent comic publishers, comic shops that do commissioned variants, and Kickstarter. These are never in the database and I have to spend hours every time the mail comes asking CLZ to add them.

Since I have been adding a good third of my 10,000+ collection manually, none of the issues correspond to the Core database and cannot be cross-referenced in the CovrPrice system.

Here is my ask: Is there a way to run a query that will compare my database to the Core system so that I can see the issues that need correcting or adding to the Core?

Basically, you are looking for all comics that are not linked to Core, right?
So the Link Comics screen should tell you exactly what you need.

Thanks for the input.

I ran the Link and find that I have 87 comics left that cannot be resolved either because I have allocated a different variant number than Core, my cover art does not correspond to the Core issues, or (mostly) because my variant or title does not exist in the Core database.

I have a LOT of work ahead of me, so be prepared to get slammed with a bunch of requests to add comics.

I have had a mail call from Coffin Comics today and that will be another 17 issues that I know will not be in Core.

On a side note… who updates the Core database and from where? Does the CLZ Team get notified by the publishers or do they search for comics and variants to load them? Does anyone keep an eye on issues being produced in crowdfunding sites (Indigogo and Kickstarter) or is that on the general public to provide that service?

Thanks, again!

Our in-house content team does all that. We indeed have feeds from distributors that tell us the weekly releases. On top of that, we actively search for exclusive variants.

We do not do that actively. We usually hear about the more popular crowdfunded comics through “missing comics” reports here on Club CLZ.

If you feel it will improve the Core for other users in general, then bring em on.
But please remember, your entries do not need to be in Core for your database to work correctly. Local manual entries can work fine for the really obscure stuff.

BTW: it does not need to be a lot of work, right?
You only need to let us know what is missing and WE will do the work.