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I’m a major fan of CLZ apps - I have Comics, Music, and Books subscriptions currently. The question I have is about the update / backup feature performance.

In the Comic app I have about 21,000 comics indexed and have seen a significant difference in the amount of time it takes to update things like “Series Group”, “Storage Box”, etc. as my collection has grown. When I go to enter any updates, it takes some time to populate the fields when in the past it was nearly instant. Is this just me or have others noticed it as well? I’ve seen other posts from people saying they have 50k+ collections and I wonder how long it takes them to keep things updated.

I have a decently powerful desktop and 1GB+ fiber connection, so I hope it’s not on my end, just looking for recommendations to make it more usable again. Should I split it into sub-collections? Any other thoughts to make it more manageable? TIA

What exactly takes long? Using Edit Multiple? Or editing one single item?

And was it shorter before (still with a lot of comics?)

Thanks AJ, sorry if I wasn’t clear in my post. When I click to edit a field (such as the drop downs in Series Group or Format) even though they don’t have a ton of choices, it takes a bit to populate. I used to be able to buzz down through them, hit Next and keep rolling, now it seems to get bogged down going to the next comic and I’m not sure if it’s a function of my larger collection, my hardware, or something behind the scenes.

I can’t say at exactly what number it started taking more time, but it’s noticeably different now than what it was in the past as I entered my collection. It also takes a while to create a backup online which I guess is understandable given the volume of books. I have three collections, one of about 19k for most comics, one of about 100 for Facsimiles, and one of about 2k for the Hulk :muscle:. I was just curious if it’s a me-only thing or if anyone has seen this and can suggest any workarounds to get me back flying through updates. :wink:

I think I will have to investigate with the team here, I do think that with such a big collection it might get slower, but it should not grind you to a halt.

I will pick this up early next week and get back to you!

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Just to be sure, is this about the Comic Connect web-based software?

Hi Alwin, that is correct. Thanks!

I’ve been testing @EvilTim in your collection, but the dropdowns in the edit screen (I’ve just tried a couple random ones, Series Groups, Formats, Series, etc) seem to be loading quite quickly for me in your collection.

Could you video the problem for me? You can record your screen via this website:

You can send me the file(s) via:

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@EvilTim I have been trying too in your account and the whole Edit Comic screen, all dropdowns and picker popups are lightning fast.

I discussed with one of our web-developers and we suspect that some kind of browser plugin you have installed is messing with things. A password manager, form filler, something like that.

Could you try, as a test, in a different browser?
Or try Comic Connect in an incognito tab?

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Hey @CLZ_Alwin and @CLZ_AJ,
First and foremost I want to thank you for taking the time to troubleshoot with me. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your work and attention as a community!

Secondly, in the spirit of self-diagnosing, I did go through several browsers and also went through all of my extensions one-by-one to see if one of them was the culprit. When I turned them all off, the site worked flawlessly again. By experimenting and refreshing the site, I determined that the culprit was definitely this one (while using Chrome):

Microsoft Editor: Spelling & Grammar Checker
Write with confidence with Microsoft Editor, your intelligent grammar, spelling, and style checking writing assistant.

When it is on, the drop-downs lag and take a bit to respond, but without it - they are instantaneous again! Hopefully more of your users see this and can eliminate the problem if they are running into it as well.

Again, thanks for your time! :love_you_gesture:

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Good investigating there! We have seen in the past that some extensions do… strange things to Connect :slight_smile: but I haven’t seen slow dropdowns in the past. Good to know!