Database save error

I made some changes moving some albums from 2 small collections to my main collection and deleted the collections using Connect. Today when trying to sync to my desktop (Mac) I get this message:
Database save error: CollectionStatus is too large.

There are only 41 changes to sync, and my toal collection is only 3224 albums. I don’t know if it’s because of the changes I made or if there’s some other issue. Any thoughts?

That sounds like one or more of your albums is set to “Sold”.
This status is not supported by the old Mac version.

You really should not be using the old Mac version anymore, that was discontinued years ago.

Thanks, that was the problem. I moved them to a new collection instead.

I still use the Mac version because I don’t own a pc, I still use file search, I find the interface easier and faster than Connect, and I still have a subscription😎 Connect is quite good and when I can’t use MuC anymore, I’ll have to use it, but for now as long as MuC still functions, it’s more convenient for me.