Database Update Questions

I want to start by saying that I love ComicCollector. This is not a slight on the software or developers.

I am interested in knowing where the updates are from that populate the database? I know that we - the users - have the opportunity to update issues, but many of the titles are input months before the issue dates. these seem to be those from the big companies. Even the CLZ newsletters only seem interested in the ‘Big Two’.

Most of my collection is comprised with comics from Indies, Kickstarters, variants, and exclusives from LCS promotions. Very few (if any) of these comics are in the database. Becasue of this, I have to spend A LOT of my time scanning covers and entering issues into my database.

Since I am doing this manually, my issues are either not found in CovrPrice or do not correspond with the issue variant numbers (1A, 1B…) because I am having to just take the next un-used letter on the database list that does not correspond to the company lettering that is on the inside of the book - I am assuming that other people are entering issues and guess, too.

Who is responsible for updating this database and, if it is completely on us (the users) to update this, is there a secondary source that we can pull from to make this an easier process?


If you find a comic missing from Core, just report it here on Club CLZ, in the Core | Missing subforum and we will add it.

To answer your question: the CLZ people are “responsible “ for the Core online comic database. There are four in-house content managers working on this database.

User can submit new entries or corrections, or report missing comics or errors here on this forum, but it is the CLZ people who take care of the updates and new additions.

We are definitely not only interested in the big two, se feel free to report what you find missing.

Thank you for your response.

I have been using ComicCollector for many, many years and never know how this worked. I will likely have to rebuild my 10k+ database from scratch as it can only be used as a stand-alone application as-is. I have been adding all my own issues as they were (and still are not) in your look-up system.

What information for each issue do you need included on the LONG list that I have to post here?

Thanks again!

Why is that?

Core Series Name (if the series already exists)
Issue Number
Barcode (if any)
Variant description (cover artist, trade/virgin etc…)
Cover Image

But please, make sure your comics really are not in Core yet. There’s a good chance that most of them ARE already listed now.

For examples, take a look at the other posts in the Core / Missing forum here:

Thanks, Alwin.

Good thing that I am retired. This is going to take a BUNCH of time and work.


To save time and sanity you can try to save the pic from the Kickstarter, artist page, or wherever you see it online for the various Indy books instead scanning. Saving a pic is so much easier than scanning a book.


I already do that - which is fine for Kickstarters as the campaigns stay up after they close, but I have a LOT of short-run exclusives (like only 8 or 10 issues made) and once they are gone from the company, I no longer have access to the images and they dont get posted on the internet. I hate having to scan those as I dont want to take them out of the mylars (but we do what we have to).