DC Portfolio missing from core

History of the DC Universe Portfolio
Original price $15
No bar code
10 b&w prints: Curt Swan & Jerry Ordway, Dick Giordano, Joe Kubert, Steve Lightle, George Perez, Keith Giffen, Brian Bolland, Steve Bissette & John Totleben, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, and John Byrne

I would advice to manually add this to your local database instead. We made a decision to not include books like these anymore but focus on actual comics.

You are of course still able to include them in your own database, and they will still sync to/from CLZ Cloud, with all the added information, including the cover art AND since our changes last year, EVEN with your own manually entered creator and character lists.

For your own usage, you get full functionality, EVEN if your comic is not listed in Core.