Deathrage duplicate series

Hi Team,

I think we have a duplication of the series ‘Deathrage’ by Merc in the core - one listing for ‘Deathrage’ and one for ‘Merc Magazine: Deathrage’. These are one in the same right?



This indeed seems like a duplicate series, but a lot of this needs correction.
We will have a look in the coming week.

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Thank you @CLZ_Taco :slight_smile: I have a variant to add, so I’ll wait until you’ve corrected.

As far as I can find, these do look like two different series. Most sites also seem to enter them separate. If you have any information that suggest otherwise, feel free to share. @FranDropik

@CLZ_Taco I can confirm there is only the one series of Deathrage by Merc Publishing. For some of the early issues they published some (but not all) copies with the cover title ‘Merc Magazine: Deathrage’. They had issues 0, 1, 2, and 3 that had covers that were both ‘Deathrage’ and ‘Merc Magazine: Deathrage’. But they stopped this and didn’t have it for issues 4 to 6. :man_shrugging:

They also didn’t do this for there other titles ‘Miss Meow’ and ‘Born of Blood’. My guess is that as a new publisher, they were trying to figure out how to brand themselves.

I own a copy of ‘Deathrage’ 1, 2, and 6 - and all three have just ‘Deathrage’ listed as the title on the inner cover page.

I think we have two options:

  1. Combine all of them into one series and do a clean up of the duplicates
  2. Keep two separate series running, and remove any of the covers that headline ‘Deathrage’ from the ‘Merc Magazine: Deathrage’ series

Check out the digital download versions (no variants) for each of their titles: DIGITAL DOWNLOADS| MERC Publishing

@FranDropik, I am currently working on ms Meow. When that project is finished, I will take a look at Deathrage.

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These little start up publishers with their mix of direct and kickstarter with a gazillion variants, must make your lives interesting :joy:

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We have a miss meow vol. 1 & vol. 2, but you suggest those are the same aswell?

@CLZ_Taco I just a look, and it looks like a similar story, with both ‘Miss Meow’ and ‘Merc Magazine: Miss Meow’ versions :grimacing:

I have a copy of Miss Meow #1, which looks like it was published in Nov 2022 (in CLZ vol. 2), however you have there are #1 in vol. 1 marked as released in Feb of 2021. I don’t own any of those, so I can look at the inner cover page. Maybe there was a series of reprints a year later - but they didn’t bother to call them that and just used variants?

Again, if we look at what Merc lists, they only have one series of ‘Miss Meow’ with eight issues: DIGITAL DOWNLOADS| MERC Publishing

I have a feeling it’s a similar story as Deathrage, and just a due to the fact they are a small publisher and didn’t really follow the same distribution model as the big publishers.

In the photos above, you can see #1 published in Nov 22, and #4 in June 22 :joy:

@FranDropik, after some research I figured out they had two releases for these books. Kinda like “wave 1” & “wave 2”.

The entirety of “Miss Meow” has been reviewed, and is now correct in Core with lots of variants added!

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Thank you @CLZ_Taco couldn’t have been easy! I’ll do an update from core to pull down the latest and greatest :slight_smile:

@CLZ_Taco did you clean up Deathrage as well? I have a variant I need to request be added.

I will probably start on those series next week. Big chances your missing variants will be added in that batch as well. If not, you can always drop them in this chat.

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I guess you are adding all of these?

I have the cover ‘Bs’ Launch Virgin by Shikarii that I wanted to add. Here is a nice scan of the cover:

Yes, those will be added as well. I will keep you up-to-date about the progress.

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@FranDropik, Wave 1 has already been entered, and checked. If you have any of the missing images, or better quality, you can drop them in this chat.

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@CLZ_Taco Do you know I would be seeing two separate series for ‘Deathrage wave 1’? I did a full update from core - even tried un-linking and re-linking.


Also in Wave 1, 6F and 6G look to be duplicates - there was no trade, so 6F can be removed.

Ignore me - I fixed in the picklist :slight_smile:

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