Default price charting region

When searching for games to add the results show the game with the correct pricecharting price depending on region, however when you add a European title it always adds it with the US pricecharting id.

For example with this PAL Little King’s Story it show different prices for the different regions:

After adding the selected (European) one it suddenly shows the pricecharting id of the US version:

Is this a bug or is there a setting I missed to change this?

Hm that seems to be broken indeed. When you select one of the editions below, it should really download that PriceCharting ID - but I can reproduce this problem.

For now, the only way this will work is by actually clicking the “top level game entry” (not an edition below) and then toggle the US/EU to the value you want.

Or, to add the edition from the dropdown, then edit the game and modify the PriceCharting ID in the Edit Game screen (which is a bit more work).

My apologies for the inconvenience.

We’re working on a new Add Games screen (but this is a couple weeks away still), and I will see if we can fix this problem between that time.

That explains why it sometimes does work when adding by title.
Unfortunately this also happens when searching on barcode and there usually isn’t a top level game entry to pick in that case.
It’s easy enough to correct by changing the core region in edit and clicking the refresh on the pricecharting ID (this does grab the right ID), but when adding lots of games this adds a lot of time to the process.
I’ll just wait with adding the rest of my complete games until it’s fixed and only add the loose carts for now.

Is it possible to get a reply in this topic when it’s fixed?