Default sort name for artists & musicians

When entering a new artist or musician, the sort name field is automatically populated with the “last name, first” format. Since sorting by first name is common in streaming services and other databases, is it possible to change the default to either “first last” or leave it blank, or have a setting to change it?

I would recommend to just disable “using the sortname” for sorting. Here’s how:

  1. Open the menu top left, then go to Settings
  2. Scroll to “SORT NAMES” (not titles)
  3. Enable “Ignore Sort NAMES” when sorting by Artists and Composers"
    (leave “Show Sort Names” to be OFF).

Now go back to your list and see if that’s better?

Thanks Alwin. The problem with that approach is composers, which more typically are sorted last, first. If I disable sort names, then composers won’t sort properly. Is it possible to disable sort names for artists and musicians but not composers?

Alright, I’m sorry then indeed: it is not possible to distinguish between that when adding new artists or composers. I understand where you’re coming from.

It might then be better to choose what works best for you, what you’re adding/typing in the most.

Could this be a feature to add at some point, to be able to select no fill as the default?

I’ll take note, but I don’t think it’s something we will consider anytime soon.

It might just be better to use the instructions I put here, and for the Composers, put “Last, First” in the “regular name” (if you have less composers than artists/musicians you’re entering).

Funny, I’ve just been experimenting with Music Collect web app, and when adding a new musician it defaults to sort name “first last,” the opposite of the mobile app.

When typing in a new name for a musician in Connect, you have to click the “Generate” button under Sort Name to make it generate that sort name to be Lastname, Firstname. Like so:

Indeed in CLZ Music mobile it does do that automatically as soon as you type in a new name. Will consider adding that to Connect too!

(is that what you meant @antonmb ?)

Yes, I realize that. I prefer the sort name to be first last except for classical composers. I asked you in this thread if it were possible for that to be the default in the mobile app when adding a new musician but you said no. Now I find that that already is the default in Connect. What would be great is if you could make the mobile app work like Connect - or let us specify preference in settings.

Oh… I actually thought to create the “automatic typing of sortname based on actual name” in Connect… but you actually do not want that?

In that case I would actually recommend to just disable “using sort names” via your Settings screen right?

That doesn’t work, because then composers will sort by first name also. Popular music artists are universally sorted by first name, so if the majority of the collection is popular or jazz, then leaving the default as first name sort is perfect. Classical omposers, on the other hand, are usually sorted by last name. My collection is weighted towards jazz and popular, so I prefer to have the default by first name and then I can generate a reverse sort name for composers as needed.

Yeah indeed, it’s weighing which you would use more indeed.

But I am inclined (sorry) to make that sortname be typed automatically on Connect after seeing the difference in our mobile app vs. Connect.

I will consider putting a “don’t do this” setting on the idea list though. I understand your concerns here.

It just seems counterintuitive to make the default sort name the opposite of every music streaming service or purchase site. Music artists are not the same as authors - you don’t search for Joni Mitchell under M on Qobuz, or on a web store. I guess it’s done this way so bands with artist’s names in them are sorted together with the artist, e.g. Miles Davis is sorted together with Miles Davis Quintet.

I understand, and that would be a good argument to make this into a setting.