Delete PriceCharting ID

A lot (or most :wink: ) of Atari PAL games are not in PriceCharting unfortunately
But when added a game with a price charting ID - I can’t delete the ID anymore

When I empty it… save… open… old ID is back again
When I enter 0… save… open… old ID is back again

Is there a way to empty the PriceCharting ID?

When you “empty” the PriceCharting ID field it will set the PCID that we have for that game.

If you wish to not track a value for a game, you could just set the value to 0 yourself in the Edit Screen, or click “N/A” in the completeness field.

It is not possible to overwrite the “Core PriceCharting ID” with “nothing” right now.

So the only way to remove the price charting number (because it isn’t the correct one) - is to remove the game and add the game, publishers and other details, including screenshots etc again… hundreds of games. I wish I knew this up front - I added many games by searching it… just for easy entry. Replacing the cover afterwards…

I have to delete 50% of all my titles and manually add them all back in… why can I overwrite every single field in my entries - except the Pricecharting ID.

To be honest - I would expect an easier solution. “Detach the total game entry from core” for example… as if I added it manually. Unhappy with all the rework…

You really do not have to remove 50% of your games etc.

The Core PriceCharting ID that is there, can indeed not be set to 0. It will remain. That is a bit strange, and I’ve taken note here.

But I’m providing a workaround that will yield the same end result:

You can set the completeness field to N/A, and you will not see a price.
Or, you can set the VALUE to 0 and then click the LOCK button, and it will remain 0.

That way the game will not show a value in your main screen, nor will it be counted in your totals.

Is that not the end goal you’re looking for? (Or am I missing something?) (the PriceCharting ID will remain, but it is not doing anything if you use one of my workaround steps.

Yes, that is the way how I solved it now… but I would love to have the possibility to write “0” in that field.

(N/A is not an option - as I still want to specify if my item is new, boxed, etc…)

Okay, I’ve taken note of that. I do agree it should be possible to do that, so it is on my to-do list.

Thank you! Appreciated.