Details Window

Hello, I would really like there to be a way to change what details appear in the details window and in what order. Are there any plans to allow for that customization in the details window?

Currently no real plans to make that customizable but it has been asked before.

But: if you do not fill in a field, it will usually not show.
If you do fill in a field, it will show.

So what would you like to see there, and what not//why? Could you be more specific?

Sure, here are some specific things I would like to be able to remove…

  • The blue check mark in the top right, all my titles are “In Collection”, I don’t use any of the other classifications.
  • The DB index number, I have no reason to display that info.
  • Studio, Country, Language & Color, I do not want or need that info on the details page but would like to still have it in the fields.
    Note: I understand that removing the info from the fields will remove it from the details window but some of those fields I still want just not “at a glance” in the details page.

Also, I would like to have some of the items in different places, like moving tags and notes much higher up, maybe right above formats. I would also like to have the year up next to the tile.

Any of that customization would be AWESOME!

Thank you for any assistance in making this happen, much appreciated.

Thanks for that extra information. Duly noted.

I was hoping I could help out with some kind of workaround, but I can only take note of your comments for this.

Well, I appreciate your help. If you think this customization is possible I think it would be a great feature that a lot of folks would really like and use.