Detective Comics Vol. 1 #590A

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Regarding this issue, i believe a FMV of 40$ for a NM issue might feel a bit out of place, as otherwise this has been selling in the 7$ 's for a while. There is a particular sale ($39.99 - 12/30/23 | 9.4) that distorts the data for this grade band that, unless someone got a very bad deal, might have crept in there by mistake.


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Hi Stamatis - Thanks for bringing this one up.

This is one of those cases that trips up a lot of regular eBay users and which slipped past our checks (although not for long as we have a pretty major back end update to help with some of these errant sales). If you go to the eBay listing page for this book you will, as you pointed out, see a completed sale for $39.99. Unfortunately for normal eBay users thinking the prices they see on eBay are real, the actual sale price of this book was HALF of that price reported by eBay. The actual sale went for $20 - a price that has since been rectified in our database. We have access to some additional eBay tools that help us with actual selling prices.

Its sad that eBay hides actual sale prices in some cases (OBO’s, single bid auctions, BIN’s where buyer and seller agreed on a sale via eBay messages), but CovrPrice is here to help. If you see any other oddities like this, just write in and we’ll take a look.


Mr. Day @CovrPrice

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Thanks a lot for looking into this! Happy to help.

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