Dewey system

If I use this system does it input the Dewey number and can I search, order and print lists using that field?

Hi @HelenPerlo , thank you for your question.

You can not search by Dewey (but I’ll take note of your request, we might be able to add it to the search on your own collection).

You can sort (order) and print the field.

You can either use the “AZ” sort button to make a sort order by Dewey (top right)
Or like I did, click the “columns” button, and add the Dewey column, click the column header and sort by it.

Here’s my test collection, sorted by Dewey:

As for printing, you can just go to the menu top left, go to Print to PDF, and make sure to add the Dewey field as a print field there!

Ooh, that is reassuring. I’ve not yet decided which system to use - as we have nigh-on 5,000 books, so it’s a big decision. Most of them are academic and quite specialised in different areas so this capability is very important to us.

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Ok - I’ve managed to find the place to include the Dewey into the listing, but it won’t activate it for me. Is it because I am not yet a paid subscriber?

Can you also tell me what the maximum number of books is? Do you have an upper limit?

There is no limit to the number of books in the database. Some users have over 100 thousand books listed in Connect without problems.

How many do you need to catalog?

I think around 5,000 - never counted! We also have a lot of historical documents, periodicals, art work etc.