Did Not Finish radio button

I sometimes have a book in my collection, that when I go to read it - I find it so incredably boring (or whatever thing is wrong with it) that I just can’t finish reading it.

I would love to see a radio button added to the ‘Read it’ section so that you could choose, Y, N or DNF.

When I have one of these books I always have to think about how far I got through the book - was it less than half? was it more than half? If it was less than half - did I still spend a considerable amount of time TRYING to read it???

Clicking on the currently available options (yes or no) is too binary for this kind of situation. Neither is exactly true - nor are they exactly false!

Because I also keep track of how many books I read in a year (and how many pages that adds up to each year) I usually end up clicking yes - but I think a DNF radio button would adress the issue quite nicely!

Thanks for considering it!

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Yeah I like this idea. We are playing around with the idea of multiple read it (and seen it) dates… or for books start date/end date so you can track how long you’ve taken to read it, stuff like that.

Fun idea!


So glad you like it! I like tracking how long it takes to read. That would be a fun stat to have. Though to be honest, I don’t know if I would use that feature because that would mean adding a start date, end date (and possibly a read date?). Or I guess the end date would be the read date? Though if this feature were available maybe when I am retired (10+ years) this would be something fun to track in my dotage. :grin:

But ooh… what do you mean by seen it date? I see my books every day! Not sure I want to track that :rofl:

Yeah I would say that indeed!

As for “seen it” I meant for Movie Collector, people asked before they would like to have “multiple seen it dates” - for when they re-watch a movie!

This sounds great to me as well. There are some books that I go back to because I can’t decide on what I want to read next. Would love to have multiple Read It dates.