Difference between CLZ Games mobile vs. Game Connect

Hi ,

I just saw that I had a difference in the counting of PS4 and PS4 games between CLZ Games and Game Connect.
How can I align the 2? The Game Connect count seems fair to me.

Sorry, I find my error.

Was it the Collection Status filter?

Please let us know what the issue was so other people who might have the same problem know how to solve it!

Just for future reference for other users who might run into numbers that don’t make sense:

Check the top right of the app, does it show a search box there with and old search that you may have done earlier? If so, tap the “x” on the far right of that box to clear that search

Collection status filter:
In the top bar of the app, check the 2nd button from the top right. Is that a brightly colored button, e.g. yellow, or green, or red? That indicates that you have a collection status filter active. To disable the filter, tap that button and select “All” from the dropdown menu.

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In fact, on Game Connect combines all PS4 games (in the collection, currently being purchased, etc.) and on CLZ the total is split.
In the end I found the right number of games in each category between Game Connect and CLZ.

In both you can have them split or combined.

Yes , thank you :+1: