Different sort order for different collections

I have two different collection in my CLZ Books app, one for my paper books and one for my ebooks.
I know that probably it would be simpler to maintain a single collection and work with the format list, but I prefer to keep separate the two kind of media.
I’m wandering if it would be possible to keep separate the sort order of each collection.
For example, I would like to be able to simultaneously have the paper book collection ordered by “title” and the e-book collection ordered by “series+issue”.

It is not possible to automatically enable a sort option when you switch collections I’m afraid.

I can understand a default or “remember it from my last use” per collection. But it’s not possible. This idea is on the ideas list though.
For me for instance, I’m actually constantly switching sort fields and folder group settings through the day while using the app, depending on how I’d like to view my collection. I wouldn’t want a “set sorting” per collection.