Digital files

I have quite a few music albums on mp3 and flac files on a hard drive. Can Music Conncet read these somehow, so that I don’t have to manually enter them? I had Code:aero Music Label before, where the program could load the music albums

Kent Olsen

Sorry, that is not possible in the Music Connect web-based software, as it is basically a website running in your browser. Websites do not have access to your local drive for scanning files.

But is it possible to use this feature in Music Collector?

Yes, in Music Collector you can let it scan your computer for music files.

For me a good reason NOT to move to Music Connect from Music Collector. I really do like Music Connect testing it out now, but it has multiple missing functions compared to Music Collector.

However, there must be workarounds for a webbased app to access files on the computer. Yes, there are security issues but this could be solved.

Any projects on how to solved this digital files issue?

I am afraid we do not have plans to resolve this.
Connect is web-based software, meant to be used from any computer and any mobile device. So linking to local files that are on one specific computer does not really fit that portable nature.

Maybe my thread about “Importing from Bandcamp” can be of any help.
I imported a lot of “digital” albums I bought using that method.
All you need is a working copy of CATraxx.
I use version 9.47 from 2016 and it works fine.