Display of Movie Boxsets

Is it possible to only list boxsets as one entry rather than splitting up the movies individually in the database?

If you’ve already added your box sets in your app you can’t “now combine them” - however what you can do is you can tap the folder top left and group by Box Set. You then have box set folders, tap on one of them to see all movies inside.

If you really want them as single entries in your database, you need to re-add them:

  1. Open Add Movies screen and find a box set
  2. Tap the box set, and hit Add
  3. A popup will come up asking “How do you want to add this?”
  4. Tap on “Single Entry” to add it as 1 single entry.

Try it with 1 right now to see what you think?

Group by boxset works for me.
Thank you.

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