Do you want to help make CLZ Movies better?

Then we might have a fun project to help out your community.

At CLZ, we are constantly working to improve the quality and completeness of our Core online movie database, based on feedback from our users. The main things we are getting complaints about are:

  • Not getting the correct cover image when adding by barcode (wrong edition, wrong regional version, low-res image, slanted image, etc…)
  • Not getting the correct Edition info (e.g. “Collector’s Edition”, “Steelbook Edition”, etc…)

Fixing all this is a huge project, as we have a lot of movie barcodes in our database. Because of this huge amount, we want to work on this project as efficiently as possible, so we are designing and building custom in-house CMS tools to do this.


We are currently working on a tool for checking and replacing the movie cover images we listed for the specific movie editions. This is all done by barcode.

With so many movies still to go, we are looking for people who would like to contribute to this cover check tool.

If you are interested in helping on this project, let us know below!


I could support.

@Quedex Thanks for showing interest in the program. The work day here is almost over, but I will contact you tomorrow.

I too may be interested in helping. Please tell me more about it.