Does anyone collect Hardcovers/Omnibus's

Just wondering if anyone collects the Omnibus series?
I used to be an avid collector of these, but since I’m running out of room have limited my buying, however I have Rom Omnibus from marvel coming (I thought the series was excellent) and just purchased, Marvel Age Omnibus and Mighty Marvel Masterworks: Spider-Man #2 and X-Men #3.

I’ve got a horrifying stack of them for which I should probably factor in “running out of room” like you have done…but I’ve yet to acknowledge that bar, heh.

Yes! I started about 15 years ago, my first one was the Death of Captain America Omnibus. I had to pause for several years as I was living in smaller apartments and couldn’t afford the bigger books but over the past few years I started collecting again and… well, I’ve had to buy a lot of new shelves! I’m currently working on the GREEN LANTERN CORPS by PETER J. TOMASI Omnibus and then I’ve got the IMMORTAL HULK omnibus up next!

I dont know if i would call it collecting as much as “buying them to read.” But i do buy them if that’s what you’re asking.

That’s how all my collecting works, personally.

Granted, I’m not entirely sure I’m going to read them all before I die at this point, but I’m doing it to read them, not just to possess them. So I’d call it collecting.

For the most part I have all the original stories and usually avoid the Omnibus format. That said there is one exception. Classic X-Men Omnibus is awesome. Collects all the backup stories that Claremont did for the reprint series in one book and details all the changes that they made to the original issues for the reprint series and how they retconned certain details (like Nightcrawler going invisible in shadows, etc.). Really liked that one.


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I did think about getting this Omnibus, but since I was at the time finishing off my Conan the Barbarian Marvel years 10 volumes in total I passed on this.
Right now I have on order Rom Omnibus #2, Micronauts #1 as well as Marvel Godzilla Omnibus.
Whom is my favorite monster, the latest movie trailer looks awesome as well!