Donald Duck and Ghost Morgan's Treasure

Can you add the following title to the database?

Donald Duck and Ghost Morgan’s Treasure

The Better Little Book (series)
By Walt Disney
Whitman Publishing Co

@Drnknmstr2 these appear to be books so I would advice to manually add this to your local database instead. Thank you for reporting though.

I’m a noob
I’ve always emailed for missing comics.
Is it under Add Comic Manually in the app?
The series is not coming up or an ability to add an image.
Am I in the wrong pull down?
You mentioned how these appear to be books.
It is a reprint of the Cark Barks first Donald Duck comic.
That’s considered a book?
Sorry for the questions.
Just not sure what to do as I never entered a book manually.

Hi, no don’t worry. And no, you’re not a noob at all.

The series ‘The Better Little Book’ series is in general a series with books that have lots of text and few illustrations.

If you tap ‘Add Manually’ you can then fill in all fields you want to,then when you’re done just tap Add. Now you have manually added the comic to your local database.