Drag and Drop Attributes

I know that I can select and edit multiple books at a time in order to change almost any field, but that can be slow and involve lots of opens and closes and mouse clicks. I’ve tried to drag and drop books onto an item in the attribute lists (e.g., the list of tags), and to drag the list items onto books, but neither seems to work for me.

Has anyone else found a fast(er) way to assign attributes?

It is possible in View > Layout > 3 Panels: Full Height Folders to drag/drop books onto “Tags” folders.

Doing this will add the tag to those books, not remove the old tags.

The drag/drop system is not very “visible”, so it might take a couple tries.

Here’s a video where you can see me do it:

  • I’m using View > Layout > 3 Panels Full Height Folders
  • I’ve set it to View > Folders > Personal > Tags
  • I already have a couple tags added to books, otherwise you don’t see those tags in the folder panel.

Check it out:

Thanks AJ! That’s exactly what I was looking for, but was trying to do it from a different layout.

One small clarification to your description, (that I discovered after several experiments because it wasn’t doing what I expected):

If you drag and drop from the MAIN list (all books), THEN it will add the tag as you describe.

If you click on a tag in the left list so that it is only showing a subset of the books with that tag, then dragging and dropping books from that list to another tag will replace existing tags with only the new tag.

Thanks again! This will significantly speed up the processing.

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