Edit Genre Sort Order

I am trying to sort my music genres into a specific order, but am not seeing a way to do that.

In the past, with the Mac program, I could (for instance) have a Sort Name of “01 Rock” and a Display Name of just “Rock” to have the Rock genre listed first. However, when I imported my database into the Windows version, both the sort and display names are now identical and both match the original Display Name. Furthermore, I can only edit the Display Name, so I am left with either both sort and display listed as “Rock” or both listed as “01 Rock.” In other words, I am only given the option of editing the Display Name, and changing the Display Name automatically changes the sort name as well. Short of creating new genres and starting over from scratch with several thousand albums, is there a way to edit the genres to “de-couple” the sort and display names?

Thanks in advance,


I’m sorry but there is no way to do this in the Windows version.

Genre in the Windows version (for Music Collector), only has a Display name, therefor the sortname will always be the same there.

Thanks for the response. In that case, I’ll probably just tolerate the number in front of the name to keep the sorting the way I want it.