Editar entradas

Estoy viendo Music Connect como alternativa a Music Collector. ¿Se pueden editar las entradas de composición, autor…? Suelo utilizar la aplicación movil CLZ Music para hacer las entradas que luego ordeno en Collector. Por ejemplo, cuando introduzco una composición de música clásica con CLZ Music, no se puede clasificar por obra, opus, clave, autor…, por lo que luego la ordeno con Collector, que sí lo permite. ¿Se podría hacer igual con Connect?
Y otra pregunta, ¿se podrá en un futuro clasificar las entradas en CLZ Music?

Luis asks some good questions here, and it’s got me wondering about the nature of the data in Connect.

If I have my collection in Connect, can the basic data of my instance of Album A be different than someone else’s Album A or are we sharing a single Connect template? For instance, if it’s a Spanish-language album and one of the track titles has an alternate spelling, can my copy show that spelling, or must all users see the same identical track list?

Can composition, author… entries be edited? I usually use the CLZ Music mobile application to make entries that I then order in Collector. For example, when I enter a classical music composition with CLZ Music, it cannot be classified by work, opus, key, author…

In Music Connect, of course you can edit all fields.
Artist, Composition, Composers are all editable fields.
Work, Opus and Key field do not exist on Connect, so are not editable.

Your data is your own and everything can be edited, including the track titles.