Editing Book details

Hi Guys, I’m a newbie here, so be gentle with me!!
I had a trial run with Book Collector, until I hit the 100 entries, then paid & joined Book Connect thinking that they would be the same. The difference between them that is bugging me at the moment, is that when I add a book, I can’t edit it until it’s been added to my collection. I have to go back & do the editing, whereas in Book Collector you have the option to edit before you add it.
I’ve just re-read this, hope it makes sense!!
I’m most probably doing something wrong. Please let me know, nicely!!

Have you tried the Pre-fill screen that appears when adding a book? You can customize that screen to have the fields you want to edit.

Thanks for that Alwin, it’s working really good now. I’ve even worked out how to scan the ISBN code in, with my smartphone!

I’m encountering this problem now. The pre-fill screen is not enough. The issue is more that I then have to find the book I just added. So I can’t do a bunch and then edit them individually because they become harder to find as more books are added. Is there a sort method which puts the newly-added books at the top perhaps?

Of course, just sort by Date Added, in descending order.