Editing Details View?

How do I change my Details View Template? The Year that appears next to the Album Title is the Purchase Year. I would like it to be the Release Year.

I’m using the Flex Dark template.

That really is the Release Year, not the Purchase Year.
What makes you think that is the Purchase Year?

Because I purchased it in 2019 and it was released in 1971


Mmm weird. Can you show me the first tab of your Edit Album screen?

Looks like I renamed it at some point. That’s the issue. Still would like to change the view.

So, is it possible to edit the Details View Template?

With some programming skills, XSL and HTML knowledge, yes.
The details templates are XLS files on your computer, in the Templates folder. You can edit them using any text editor program.

Thanks. Do I edit my view_item_details.xsl?

If you are using the Flex template, YES.