Editing Path to book thumbnail

I have Book Collector and more than one computer. I store my database on a QNAP NAS; I alter the paths of the folders to folders on the4 NAS e.g. \QNAP\Keith\ebooks\Book Collector\Images\

Now, I have upgraded my NAS. the new NAS is called “QNAP251” so my path for images on the new NAS is \QNAP251\Keith\ebooks\Book Collector\Images\

When both old and new NASes are running then all thumbnails are visible. But having now discarded the old NAS, I realise that copying all the image files to the new NAS wasn’t enough, because the path for the thumbnails for the books purchased before the new NAS now cannot be found as each book’s path is pointing to the old qnap.

I would like to have simply edited the path for the older books from \QNAP.… to QNAP251.… but database does not allow that.

I have noticed my database is very slow and I wonder if it is likely that thumbnails are being sought on the unavailable old qnap so timing out.

I have tried updating from Core, and those with links to core have updated. Some, with no linked book on Core, can’t update Those are unusual old or obscure books, with no ISBN that I have not submitted to Core

Is there an easier way to edit those old paths to the new path?

Hi @Dubuary

Your best bet would be to disable the old NAS, then enable the new NAS.

Then, do this:

Use “Automatic”

Note that this process can take very long, and it might even look like the program is stuck/crashed - but it will finish eventually!

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That’s great. Thanks, it has worked perfectly, for both books and Music. I wasn’t aware of the update links facility.

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