Edition Details Formatting

Is there any way to change the formatting in the Edition Details section of Movie Connect to have each item within a category (Screen Ratios, Audio Tracks, Subtitles, Extras, et al) be listed on its own line (similar to how they are presented in CLZ Movies)?

I understand that formatting in this way would cause the sections to be larger, but I feel like having the option to present them in this would might help with readability in those categories which have many items.

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

Yes that is a nice idea for Movie Connect.

On the CLZ Movies app, subtitles, extras are still comma separated though. I think for subtitles that is fine.

Indeed, screen ratios and audiotracks are presented as a list. That is something we could easily add to Movie Connect too, and I think that will be useful. I’ve taken note to discuss that here in the office.


We’ve just implemented this for Movie Connect! We’ve added this “list layout” for Screen Ratios, Audio Tracks and Extras.

Subtitles we’ve decided to keep comma separated.

What do you think?

Wow! Such a quick update!

I like it a lot, and think it makes things easier to read. Thanks for taking the time to consider it. I agree that leaving subtitles as comma-separated is fine as well.

I suppose that my only other minor nit-pick is that I sometimes wish I could adjust the width of these sections as well, so as to keep some lines from wrapping, but I imagine that might cause other layout issues, so I can understand why you might not want to do that.

Thanks again!