Edition Packaging Type

I am going through my collection and updating what I can. When it comes to packaging type under the edition tab, I see many movies that have Slip Case as the type when they are HD Cases with a slipcover. Should we use the case type the slipcover is over? Or if its got a slipcover just use the Slip Case packaging type?

Perhaps we can get a slip cover check box next to the packaging type as there are slipcovers that slide over HD Cases and Steelbooks as well.

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I would say it’s up to you what you prefer. There’s no rule for this - you are the boss over your collection.

So my personal preference, when adding movies that are HD cases with a slip cover, is to put it as “slip cover” - because that is what I see on my shelf. So I personally just catalog what’s on the “outside”.

If you want to have a checkbox for slipcover, I recommend using the Packaging field for “HD Case” - then set a tag for “Slip Cover” and check that box every time you have this!