Enhancement forum

Hi CLZ! How about adding an enhancement area under each of the categories? I would love to be able to see other people’s enhancement requests and to VOTE UP on them so that you all would know what features we wanted the most!


It might be a good idea indeed to have a category for that, for now we hope to see your requests (already saw a couple cool ones in the other categories) inside the actual product forum (which are kinda for support, but often from support questions we get cool ideas to better features or new features even.

If it gets out of hand I’m happy to create subforums of course!

Now seeing your user thumbnail being a cat… I’m now also thinking to create a subforum where we can show our pets. What do you think?


Hi @CLZ_AJ -

I think a fun forum to show off our pets would be awesome!!

:smiley_cat: :dog: :parrot: :snake: :hamster:

Sherri Reid

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