Enhancement requests

I think I mentioned this previously in the Facebook group, but taking time in this new forum to offer up the suggestion. Currently, I can mark the Series as Complete and mark the Series to not search for missing. I would like to ask for an enhancement to add Single-line or preferably a Multi-line test field to enter Notes on the series. I would also like this to be reportable if possible.

My business case is that I order divider labels from Blind Science Design and do special dividers for my larger series. I would like to track which ones I have added the dividers too. I would also like to make notes about series about storylines, artists, etc.

For the divider labels, some sort of add-on icon would work as well

Second enhancement would be to add aicon (similar to the key icon) for signed books. This is something I believe CvrPrice does for their listings if you have your books there. It is easier than running the report.