Enter R2R manually

I regularly add new reel-to-reel tapes. I need to add these manually as there are most likely no such items in the database. My options are:

  • barcode
  • catalogue number
  • artist/title.

Most of the times I select artist/title and search for qqqqqqqqq which gives me no search result, but I finally get the option to add the R2R manually.

Is there a faster way to get the option to add the R2R manually?

/ Olle

Hi there @noi933k , I understand that R2R might not be found in our online database, sorry about that!

If you want to immediately start with the “Add Album Manually” screen, that is possible:

  1. Open the menu top left
  2. Tap “Add Album Manually” and go from there!

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions!

Hi AJ.

Thanks for the tip. That was just what I was looking for.

I did not expect to find the “Add Album Manually” option in the top left menu.
I would expect it to be an option under the “+” button.
Maybe it will end up there in a future udpdate.


Good to hear you found it!

Actually: the “Add Albums” button was first only under the menu, together with “Add Manually”.

The big blue plus button on screen was introduced in the app much much later!
But we felt that Add Manually is possibly not something you’d use often, so the “main thing you’re likely doing, is adding an album”.

Right now: Add Manually will also only show up after you’ve searched an album in the Add Screen: like you found out, typing random letters will make it show, as a way of saying “Well, I couldn’t find this album, so Now the last resort is adding it manually” of course.

On Music Connect it actually is directly top right in the Add Albums screen as well, but then again Music Connect has a lot more space!