Entering a TV series not found in Core

So I have had a few experiences where either a TV series was found but formated as a box set.

Another experience is a TV series isn’t found in Core, but when I add it I can’t seem to figure out how to make it a series.

I’ve looked in other series and can see what needs to happen but it isn’t happening. So when I enter a TV series, I turn on the button “Is TV Series”, and select the series title (after adding my particular series title) next to it. Those seem to work fine, what doesn’t happen and I feel like should, the column for episodes at the top doesn’t show up/appear. It is in other TV series that I’ve added from Core, but I can’t seem to get that column to appear. What am I doing wrong or not doing that I should be?

It is not possible to add your own episodes to a series in the mobile app or Connect right now. The best course of action here is to go here:

And let us know about the missing tv series, and we will add it for you to Core ASAP!