I buy a number of TV series and though I can add/amend the Episodes on the Desktop these are not uploaded to Connect or my tablet. Could this be incorporated into future updates?

Currently, episode lists that you customized or manually entered on the desktop version do not sync to the CLZ Cloud, Movie Connect or the CLZ Movies mobile app.
On cloud or CLZ Movies you just always see the episode list from the linked Core entry.

Allowing the syncing of custom episode lists is our ideas list though.

For now, if you see an incorrect episode list, just let us know so that we can fix it in Core. That way, the correction not only benefits you, but also all other users who own the same TV series.


As a user of all three for several years, I never noticed that the three episode entries are wholly independent from each other. That is certainly good to know. Certainly, it would be a nice feature to have the three intertwine.

One instance I have come across with the episode entry is when adding a series (obviously)
I find if the series is a “Complete Series” with all seasons, often times it appears as only Season 1 or brings up a list ofvall seasons if searched by UPC.

Generally, I enter it as Season 1, change the Title to Complete Series and let it go. Of course, I miss the remaining episodes and cast/crew from subsequebt seasons.

Not sure how this could be easily addressed given the number of UPCs available on Complete Series.

Always report situations like that, so that we can fix those entries in Core.

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What is the best way to report through here or by raising a support ticket?

Here is best, in the special “Core Errors” subforum: