Error When Editing Links


I have been encountering an error code when editing links for URL’s. It occurs kind of randomly and freezes up the editing pane. What is causing this?


This must be caused by a bug in the code.
Is there any way you can consistently reproduce this?

It’s pretty consistent now and the error code is always identical. It happens 1/3-1/2 the time.

Is there a chance you can video the problem for me, from starting the program right up to getting the error?

As soon as the error happens, please shut down the program immediately because it has crashed internally.

Also try this:

Please follow the steps below to try and resolve this issue, this process will affect some local settings in your software such as the width of columns, but your database will not be affected.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Click the Windows start icon and type ‘regedit’ into the search box, then press ENTER.

  2. Locate the following key:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > > Movie

  3. Select that “Movie” folder entry there and delete it!

  4. Download and install Movie Collector from your My CLZ page:

  5. After installing, you will have to unlock the software. Fill in your username/password to unlock the software.

  6. Before actually opening your database, try adding one movie to this empty database, just to check if it all works fine!

  7. Now, reopen your database: Click File > Open then locate the database file in order to get things working again.

If the error is still happening, I’d like to see a video.

You can record your screen via this website:

You can send me the file(s) via:

Ok I deleted and reloaded software. Added a movie too. All appears ok now just have to tweak settings some and hopefully that’s it. :crossed_fingers: Will video if problem persists. Thanks for the help.

Noticed I’ll have to update the Add/Update from Core settings. What other settings are affected by reloading the software. Do you have a list of these settings?

Re-installing the software should not affect any of the settings.
Unless you remove all settings from the registry manual and manually remove all settings XML files.