Error While Writing to File

Hi, I have just hit a issue where I’m constantly get the pop-up error message:-
“Error writing to file C:\Comic Collector.…[etc]
This is probably caused by a diskspace problem.
Chose “File / Save File As” from the menu to save the data to a different location”
I have done this, still got the same message so saved it to an external drive, same message again so uninstalled / re-installed Comic Collector but the same error message is appearing when ever I try to edit a comic or close Comics Collector.
Can any one advise on how I can resolve this issue.

Hi @prhough sorry to hear you’re having some troubles with Comic Collector.

The error can mean a problem with the HDD, or SSD. Bad sector. I’ve seen that before. We can try this:

  1. Can you shut down the program, then, as a test, rename the Documents > Comic Collector folder to
    “Comic Collector 2”

  2. Now duplicate that folder (ctrl+c and then ctrl+v)

  3. The folder that gets created, rename it to “Comic Collector”
    (so you now have Comic Collector and Comic Collector 2)

  4. Now, reinstall the software from

Does it work now?


Many thanks for your quick reply, I did follow your instructions but I still got the same error. However I then tried the copy I had already created on my external drive, changing the Folders in the options to point to the new location on the external drive, then loaded the back-up from the previous day which I expected to be OK and synced with CLZ Cloud to download the few changes I had made since that back-up. This worked and there is no more pop-up error messages, although I need to reenter the information on the Details / Content tab for the last Comic I had updated. I don’t think information on this tab syncs with the cloud. In hindsight I realise that downloading the back-up file after using the your method of copying the Comic Collector folder may have also worked and would have meant that I wouldn’t need to change the folder locations in the options.
I have now moved the folder back to the original location, again correcting the folders in the options to point to the correct location and Comic Collector still works fine. I still have the original folder, which had been named ‘Comic Collector 2’, which I’m reluctant to delete so that may stay on there a while.

Many thanks once again for you help, it is greatly appreciated.
Paul Hough

I’m happy to see that you got there in the end. Yeah keep the folder for a little while.

Content indeed does not sync with CLZ Cloud by the way.

When using an external drive, make sure it is always on and always available to Comic Collector because the moment it is not during start up, the program will reset all folder paths to a standard Documents folder.