Explain sort order

Trying to work out why the comic “The Ultimates 2, annual” is before “The Ultimates, vol. 1”? As “The Ultimates” has ended, does not the “2” in “The Ultimates 2” make it come after The Ultimates? I’ve looked at the pick list Editor and it’s in the same order as the comic collection image. I have also updated from core to see if it was something I did. Image of both below. Can I change this or is this how it needs to be.

Any advice?


I have answered this question recently but seem to have forgotten what it was. Let me look into this and I’ll get back to you

That is caused by the "Vol. " part.
The Ultimates 2 series does not have that.

Hi Alwin,
I understand that they are different, but I would have expected “The Ultimates” to be before “The Ultimates 2”, alphabetically speaking. Are you saying that the “vol” part which is not part of the title alters the alphabetical order? In other words if I remove the “Vol. X”, all the various “The Ultimates” series’, they would be before “The Ultimates 2”?

The Vol part IS part of the series title, so it is included when sorting alphabetically.

The simple answer is that, unless you modify the sort title, all of the displayed characters (i.e., series title) count. And standard computer character ordering is space before comma before numbers before letters.

The Ultimates 2, Annual
The Ultimates TP and HC (2 before T)
The Ultimates, Vol. 1 (comma before space)

Laat factor - length.

If you change the sort title of the last one to be only ‘The Ultimates’ it will sort first because it will be shorter than ‘The Ultimates 2’.