Export from CLZ Mobile to another family Member

Hi, My sister and I both have CLZ Books for Mobile and I also have CLZ connect for books. We share a kind library with over 2,000 books. We can’t see a way to export directly from kindle, so my sister is taking the route of entering them manually into CLZ. Once she has done this, she wants to export the list to me and I can create a separate library in my CLZ for these books and I also want to be able to create an excel spreadsheet from the export. It’s also possible that I will make amendments to how she has populated the fields in CLZ, which I believe I can do as a batch edit, but then I might want to export the amended library back to her.
can you advise, if we are able to achieve this and if so, the steps we need to take.
Bernadette Conway

Hi Bernadette!

While it looks like a marvelous idea indeed to share this around, and then make changes and export it back to your friend - that will definitely cause troubles, and well, basically there’s not a system in place to do that.

The only way I would see this working if you would both share “1 account” - so one entire account, and then work on your databases at the same time.

That said, your friend can of course just export only the Kindle books from her database (your friend can do this through the CLZ Cloud), and send you a PDF / CSV version of that. Just don’t start on importing that to your own database, just use it for viewing.

Alternatively, your friend can share here Cloud link so you can just browse her collection on her cloud page.