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Cannot get export in form I chose with Preset 3. See screenshot

Hi Peter,
I am sorry to hear you are having problems with Book Collector.

Can you explain what the problem is exactly? What happens if you try to export using that Preset 3?
Please note that your Preset 3 is a preset for the sort order, not for the exported fields.

Thanks for getting back. When I click on fields it just gives me the option of presets. So how do I choose the fields?

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In your Export Screen, click the button called “Fields…”
In there, create a new set, or pick one of the sets.
Those are the fields that will export.

In your screenshot you’ve clicked “Edit” next to Sort Order, so that is just for the sort order, not the fields that will export.

When I click on fields I see this. How do I chose the fields?

Thanks Alwin. I got there finally. Peter

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Good to hear you got there in the end.

I wanted to leave this small tip here too: have you ever tried exporting through CLZ Cloud? It is a bit easier, and might give you just a bit more options you would enjoy.

If you want to try it out one day, follow these steps: Inside your desktop Collectorz program:

  1. Click menu CLZ Cloud > Synchronize.
  2. Perform the sync with CLZ Cloud to get everything in the CLZ Cloud.

With your webbrowser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.):
3. Go to your CLZ Cloud webpage (log in)

(log in)

  1. Click the menu icon top left and then click “Export to CSV/TXT”
    (or try Print to PDF!)

  2. Configure your list (layout, which fields to print, which sort order),

  3. Then use “Generate File” at the bottom to download your file.

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