Export not Including CVRPrice value

I have read the similar post and have done all the steps outlined and it still will not list the value or cvrprice - even though it shows in the my main database screen. I also have the full year subscription to cvrprice. Any other suggestions? Can we do a Zoom call?

I’ve checked your CovrPrice subscription, and while you do have Premium, it is set to Monthly.

You can check it here:

It says this:

Please note that exporting the CovrPrice values is only possible if you are subscribed to CovrPrice on their Yearly Plan.

Changing your CovrPrice Premium subscription to Yearly:
Log in to your CovrPrice account at covrprice.com to change to their Yearly subscription plan.

The only way I have found to upgrade to annual is to cancel my monthly and then resign up for annual. However - even though I have cancelled the monthly - it still lists me as a monthly subscriber and won’t let me upgrade to annual. This is getting quite frustrating. I am just trying to print a report and have spent three days trying to get all these parts and pieces working. I have written CVRprice as well. So right now I am in limbo.

I’ve checked and it seems that in the end all was corrected for you, right?

For anyone else reading this: You should be able to switch inside your account on CovrPrice website (no need to cancel and re-subscribe). If switching doesn’t work for you please contact us or them, and we’ll look into it.