Export to Excel with CovrPrice Values

How do I export a file for Excel that has my CovrPrice values? No matter what I try the field is left blank.

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Are you by chance a monthly CovrPrice subscriber? Exporting those values is only available to annual members.

" IMPORTANT : to prevent abuse, this is ONLY possible when you are subscribed to CovrPrice on their YEARLY subscription."

quoted from CovrPrice Values: Export to CSV or Print to PDF - Comic Connect - Collectorz.com

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I am having the same issue. I believe I have a yearly subscription [CovrPrice shows Plan Unlimited (Yearly), and CLZ Comic Collector expires in late 2025]. When I set up the export to text I specify the CovrPrice Value column, which does show in the app grid, but it never appears in the extract. I tried it as the last column, or in the middle, but it is never included. No data, no header. What am I doing wrong?

Which program are you using to export? I believe that you can only export from the Cloud or Connect (meaning you can’t export from Collector).

The Cloud is read only (and does not require a subscription).

So if you haven’t already, I’d recommend that you:

Then you can try to use export from the Cloud. See this page for details.

I am using the 64-bit Windows Comic Collector Version 23.7 build 3. It does a very nice job of File / Export To / Text… for all the other columns, in a nice CSV format that imports smoothly into Excel. This is the only column [Value / CovrPrice Value] that I have not been able to export. It exports Cover Price, Date Sold, Grade, My Value, Price Sold (all under the Value section), just not CovrPrice Value. I find it hard to believe that the Cloud access will work better, but I will attempt it and let you know if it behaves differently.

Using the Comic Cloud Export to CSV / TXT does allow me to get the CovrPrice Value column.
The export takes significantly longer from the Cloud than from the Windows App.
Some columns are not available in the Cloud Export;

  • Main
    – Color
    – Image Files
    – Index (oddly, this is under Personal and not Main)
    – Last Submission Date
    – etc.
    There seems to be a number of columns that are not available in one (Cloud) or the other (Windows). I rely on some columns which the Cloud does not offer, such as;
  • Links
  • Series First Letter
    Because I need these columns, the Cloud Export is not sufficient for my use.
    I’m not sure why the columns cannot / are not synchronized between Cloud and Windows App.
    HOWEVER, even if they were exactly the same in both places it does not explain why a column that is available in the Windows App is excluded from the Export, while it is NOT excluded from the Cloud Export.
    Further thoughts?

Good to know at least the values do export… even if it’s not the way you want.

Sorry I couldn’t help further. You’ll need to wait for an admin to chime in…

Here’s the “why” behind it:
The CovrPrice value is the property of CovrPrice. They are not keen on having this value exported from the database. Their own CovrPrice.com site does not allow that at all.

We have come to an agreement with CovrPrice to ALLOW the exporting of the CovrPrice value, but :

  • The values can only be exported from the CLZ Cloud site
  • The values can only be exported by users who are on the CovrPrice yearly subscription