Everything but price exports

I’m putting part of my collection for sale so just sending to cloud wasn’t an option

Thanks for your reply.

I understand from your messages you need the CovrPrice value to be exported to a CSV file.
You also mentioned you need images.

I’m sorry if I’m asking too many questions, but a CSV export also doesn’t include images, right? That is a text file.

Could you not export to CSV from your Cloud page, so you get the values out? Because if you are modifying 30000+ entries with values… I mean, tomorrow the CovrPrice value could be different for a lot of those comics.

The cloud doesn’t allow images, I purchased the desktop software to be able to do the new images (since it downloads to a local file).

Once I get the original upload done, changing pricing on 100 or so comics is a lot easier than the bulk every time. I’ve just had to slowly work my way on doing the whole thing at once, it was just very disappointing that there was no easy answer and after 2 subscriptions it still has to be manually done.

But I’m working through it!

Can I just get this right:

  • You’re trying to export 30.000 comics, their values (from CovrPrice) and their images (from our Core), so you can put them up on your website to sell them?