When I go to export the data, I have Cover price selected but it doesn’t export that data at all. I’ve tried redoing it, different options.
I export as text, comma delimited as I’m trying to upload them for sale to narrow down my collection but the prices are exporting for me.

Here’s how to export the CovrPrice values:

  • sync with CLZ Cloud
  • go to https://cloud.collectorz.com/comics and log in.
  • Click the menu top left, and use Export to txt/csv or Print to PDF.
  • Choose the Value field as a column and generate the file to download it!

Please note that exporting the CovrPrice values is only possible if you are subscribed to CovrPrice on their Yearly Plan.

If you are on monthly, you can change to a yearly subscription plan at CovrPrice by logging in to your CovrPrice account at covrprice.com to change to their Yearly subscription plan.

Let me know if you need further help with that (or anything else),

I do this exact thing and the prices do not export with the rest of the document, I can attach screenshots in the AM

Alright, I see you are indeed on yearly, so exporting the value field should definitely work via the Cloud page (not inside the Windows version).

Looking forward to your reply!

I’m trying to use the desktop, do I can upload to the new site, the cloud one doesn’t allow it because it can’t download the pictures for each comic.

Values can only be exported through Comic Connect or the Cloud site (as per my instructions above).

What do you mean the cloud doesn’t allow it? What do you mean with can’t download pictures for each comic?

I signed up for the desktop on top of the cloud, so it would export the covers and such for the site, since the cloud doesn’t do that.

I’m sorry to say I still don’t understand!

What are you trying to achieve? What is the end goal?
What is “the site”?

Did this get figured out? I updated to the yearly plan but still cannot export the values for my collection. Any help?

Every other field exports except covrprice value. I gave up trying to figure it out. Going through 30k books for the site one by one unfortunately.

I’ve checked your account and you’re indeed subscribed to the yearly plan. That means you should be able to export CovrPrice values. Can you try again and let me know if it works now?

Your account also looks good on our side, could you try again and let me know if it works for you now?

Are you actually exporting from the CLZ Cloud site?

I have tried. I can’t do cloud because it doesn’t do pictures, so I paid for the desktop software for pictures and it doesn’t do pricing. It was a ni-win for me.

Can you explain what you mean with “it doesn’t do pictures”?

A tip:
When you print to PDF from Cloud, you can include a small thumbnail by checking the box in the settings on the Print to PDF page.

For clarity, if you export directly from the Comic Collector desktop software, it will NEVER export values.

The only way to export values is from the CLZ Cloud site or from the Comic Connect web-based software.

(and of course, the Comic Connect web-based software “does pictures”).

Good morning.

Can you transfer comics to cover price your collection via mobile?

If so is there a video?

Thank you

FIRST: The CovrPrice integration / collaboration is all about getting comic values from CovrPrice INSIDE your CLZ app or software.
There is no collection database syncing between CLZ and CovrPrice whatsoever.
Also, your data does not need to be in the CovrPrice system for the integration to work

However, it IS possible to do a ONE-TIME export of your CLZ data and get it imported into CovrPrice:
To do so:

  • login to your CLZ Cloud site
  • choose Export to CovrPrice from the menu
  • now email the exported CSV file to info@covrprice.com and ask them to import the file into your CovrPrice account

Please note that this is a ONE-TIME transfer. If you want to keep both your CLZ database and CovrPrice up-to-date, you will have to add your new comics to both manually.
But again, your comics do not need to be in the CovrPrice system for CLZ integration to work.

I need the file to export the locally stored picture it downloads (so has to be desktop software) so I can use it to upload to my site. It does. But it doesn’t do the covrprice value, so Im having to go and edit 30000+ entries to add the price

How are you exporting exactly? Which export are you using? CSV? TXT? HTML?

Would it perhaps not be easier to sync with CLZ Cloud (that also uses your personal pictures by the way if you added your own in Comic Collector), and then use the Cloud Share link to send users of your site to the cloud page?