Feature Improvement

Hi, When changing covers, it would be nice to add a button for “Front” and “Back” for the respective cover type.

just as you have the “Title”, “System” & “Barcode”

Sorry, I am afraid I do no understand your suggestion. Can you elaborate?

I see that the explanation was very poor :slight_smile: I blame lack of coffee in the morning.

Add “Front” & “Back” as selectable search options.
Additionally “PAL” , “NTSC” could be beneficial based on Region

Oh wait, this is about the Find Cover screen.

My recommendation is to alway search by BARCODE only. Barcode searches work very well on a Google Images search and will almost always give you exactly the cover you need.
When doing so, you should not need PAL or NTSC because the barcode already gives you that.

Also, did you know you can also type in the white box to enter your own search?

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Thanks for the swift response.
I’ll use barcode more often, and see how that turns out.

Currently scanning covers that are either in very low res, or in general missing for that barcode.