Feature Request: ability to keep keyboard entry when adding to collection

So, my phone is of course the most convenient thing to carry around that I’ve got some form of CLZ on. I can connect a barcode scanner to it and scan faster than with the camera. But I have to tap “keyboard” between every single scan.

Would it be possible to toggle keyboard “Stay”? This would also be handy on my no-rear-camera Pixel book that I also carry about for convenience purposes and sometimes scan from with a hand scanner. And even if not, I have to type them in since there’s no barcode-scanning camera on it, and having to hit “keyboard” between every single entry is a little annoying.

(I’ll be more than happy if there’s an existing option I’ve simply missed!)

The option you’re requesting does not exist, and I have to say I’ve never heard the question before either! For music albums the camera on your phone should be pretty good to scan the barcode (and definitely quicker than tapping the keyboard icon each time).

If you are attaching an actual barcode scanner to your phone for this, you might want to take a look at Music Connect web-app as in the Add Albums screen there, your cursor will “stay” in the barcode entry field, and it might work out for you.

You can try a 7-day free trial, and it all syncs with CLZ Music app too. Maybe that’s an idea for you? (I don’t think there’s a lot of market to keep the manual barcode typing on, but I’ve taken note of your idea).